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    Don’t forget to be ashamed of how you look.

    I’m getting excited to go back to the Midwest for the holidays. I can’t wait to see everybody.  

    Time to watch my stories. #TV #ComcastXfinityPills

    at John F Kennedy Birthplace

    The hat reads “No Bad Ideas Clothing Company.” Having a pony tail puts you right in their targeted demographic. (at East Cambridge Savings Bank)

    Don’t Feed Me I’m a Diabetic

    New records! #VelvetUnderground #Loaded #Interpol #TurnOnTheBrightLights #ArchersOfLoaf #AllTheNationsAirports

    I needed this. (at The Breakers)


    Nathan is at it again! Follow @NathanFielder on Twitter for more.

    Nathan For You will return next year.

    (via jonahray)

    Check out my buddy @JonahRay’s #TheHalfHour on Comedy Central. Is good.

    Boston (at Boston Marriott Cambridge)

    Nice work, Sean! #TheHalfHour #ComedyCentral

    We meet again, Dick Tree.

    I knew McDonalds had shitty food, but this is ridiculous.

    We could be robbing you.

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